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Our Story

As a child we grew up with the loving protection of the “nanny dog’. Those memories framed my pictures of a happy childhood!
In 1996, Hannes and I got married, I graduated and moved back to Ventersdorp (From Pretoria), with our 7 month adopted Staffie, Werda.
He was a city-raised Stafford, but from day 1 his “breed for purpose’ kicked in. On the farm he easily got rid of rats and even an Afrikaner bull!

Werda tamed the bull by grabbing him on the nose. While he was flying through the air as the bull was trying to get rid of him… he never let go! After a while the exhausted bull bent the knee while our Werda still got a firm hold on him!
LovinZA Staffordshire Bull Terriers is registered with KUSA since 2014. “Lovin…” refers to loving and “..ZA” refers to South Africa!
We love our Staffords and our beautiful country, South Africa ZA! Lovinza Staffords strives to contribute to the better of the breed in responsible breeding and education.

As a breeder with integrity, my mission is to continuously gain more knowledge of the Stafford breed and to pass it on to all Stafford enthusiasts! Being a mentor to new puppy owners and to maintain a professional reputation by breeding Stafford’s that are true to their breed standard, health tested and that make us proud in the show ring!
How We Work

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